If I don’t believe in Jesus Christ will I go to hell?


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  Will I be judge by God and go to hell if I don’t believe in Jesus Christ?

I think this is a common question people ask christians. I even believe at some point in a christian’s life they even think about this question. This question popped in my head a couple of times, which  was probably one of the reasons why I created this blog and my youtube channel.  Now this question could be flipped and ask in many different ways. I’m in this blog is only going to address the way the question had most commonly been asked to me.

The question

  • If a person who don’t believe in Jesus Christ but does good deeds in life will they go to hell?

The common misconceptions the questioner have when asking this question.

  1. That christians believe that we can avoid the punishment of hell by doing a set of good deeds and doing a set of good works.
  2. That God’s results of punishing a person to hell is ONLY because they didn’t believe in Jesus Christ.

My explanation and the answer to the question.

Christians do not believe that to be able to avoid hell we have to do a set of good works or good deeds. Christians believe that all humans deserve the punishment of hell including ourselves, because we all had sinned. We all did a crime big or small against God. Think about it like this lets say a person is being charged with a crime, but this person in his past did amazingly great things. He helped the poor, he saved peoples lives, and he did other great things that might label him as a “good person”. Is the judge going to let this person free from his recent crimes because of this person’s previous good behavior? No by the judge doing that, that would be doing injustice. God being the judge of this world and we being the people charged with the crimes. God is willing not give us this punishment but only by one condition and that condition is to believe and have faith in Jesus Christ and let him pay the price for all the crimes we committed. So to answer the question if this person who did all these good deeds does not take the offer God is handing to them to avoid punishment for their previous or recent crimes. They will be punished.

Also when I was doing my research on this question. I came upon a good video that had a great explanation of what I just said. Actually this video is where I actually got the metaphor of the criminal and the judge. If this post still have you confused on my answer then check out this video by clicking here.

One thought on “If I don’t believe in Jesus Christ will I go to hell?”

  1. I found your blog to be very interesting. You made a good point about a person being charged with a crime. Although, the person may have done amazing things, however if a person is doing something bad, they have to suffer the consequences and take responsibility for their actions.

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