Knowledge Isn’t Enough for Believing!

Knowledge isn't enough

Knowledge Isn’t King!

Over the past weekend God reminded me of something. Even though I have been hearing this message over and over again I always seem to forget that “knowledge isn’t enough for believing”. Don’t get me wrong I do believe that you need to have knowledge of knowing why you believe for Peter says in 1 Peter 3:15 always be ready to give an answer/defense for your belief in Christ. But knowledge isn’t King if that was so then Jesus would of choose the scribes and pharisees to be his disciples instead of the fishermen and tax collectors.

Having the Knowledge Doesn’t mean I Believe

Having knowledge of something doesn’t necessary means that I believe in the knowledge I obtained. ┬áSomething outside that knowledge has to come into the mix in order for me to believe the knowledge that I obtained. For example in almost every history class in america, I hope; we learn about the civil rights movement. Now I obtained knowledge in my history class through the teacher’s lesson plan and text books about the civil rights movement, but something else has to come into play in order for me to believe that the civil rights movement actually happened. For example a testimony from somebody from it’s time, or a recording from that time period, or an actual video clip from that time period that depicted what happened during the civil rights movement. ┬áJust something outside of the knowledge and rational of the text books we use to learn about it has to come into play in order for me to believe that the civil rights movement actually happened, (on the record I just want to say that I do believe the civil rights movement actually happened I just used it as an example).

God Needs to be in the Mix

In the case of Christianity that outside something is God, God is in the mix of our belief in him. God is that something outside our book knowledge that allows us to believe in him. When we as Christians share the good news with people we have to keep in mind that “knowledge isn’t enough”, it’s not enough to make that person believe in what you are saying just by giving them knowledge about Jesus Christ, an outside force has to come into play. So when we share the good news we have to invite God into the mix in the beginning of the conversation, middle, or end God has to be somewhere in that conversation. When sharing the gospel to a person who doesn’t know Jesus, just ask them at the beginning, middle, or end (depending on how the conversation goes you can decide when) if you can pray for them. They may give you a strange look, they may hesitate to say no, but if they don’t say no just do it. By doing this you are allowing God to be in the mix, by you doing this you are opening the door for God to show himself to that person so they could believe in him. Also if that person do say no just keep them in mind in your prayers and God will work through them.

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