The Only View That Should Matter is God’s View

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This blog post is me expanding on a video I did in the past if you would like to view it before reading you can by clicking here.

I was looking back over my life and I remembered a time when I used to always be so insecure about myself. I used to always every second of the day think about how people thought about me, and how people thought about my image. If someone gave me a bad look one day that person would be in my head that whole day. It was especially worse in times when I heard about how people spoke about me behind my back, those people would be in my head for months. I used to do everything in my power so people would view me in a good light, I would dress a certain way, I would talk a certain way, I would only hang out around certain people and dismiss other people who I felt my image would be ruined if they were near my presence! It was bad I was the perfect person to manipulate into giving into peer pressure! But I remembered one day I said to myself why did I care about people’s views on me, did their views really matter. I realized one thing if people saw me a certain way that is not true I know that there is always someone who saw me for who I truly was. That someone is God only his view on me mattered. If I did something everyone thought was wrong but God viewed it as right, then I’m alright because God’s view is the only one that matters. If I did something that everybody viewed was right, but God viewed it as wrong then I should stop doing what God disapproves of because his view is the only one that matters. We can look at examples in the bible Jesus broke cultural norms when he hanged out with the tax collectors and the prostitutes many people in Jesus’ day looked at him in a bad light, but he didn’t care about their view because he only cared about his father’s view. So in this shorter blog post that I’m posting today this may be a reminder for some and for others it may encourage you. I just wanted to let you the reader know that the only view that matters is God view on you. If your doing something everybody views as wrong but you know God sees it as right (make sure it aligns with scripture) then everybody else’s view don’t matter! Also if someone calls you ugly, stupid, fat, or other names just know that God views you as his great and awesome creation and only how he sees you matters!

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