Christians Enjoy Your Season of Singleness!


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The Blog Post I’m writing about today is just an expansion on a video I did on my Youtube channel, if you would like to view it before reading this blog post you can watch it here.

To all the Christians singles out there I understand your struggle. If you are a Christian youth who is probably asking yourself, “Why am I still single?” “Should I have a partner already?” If you are a Christian youth who at every moment ask yourself when will you meet your partner and also think “Are they the one?” at every moment when you meet a person of the opposite sex. I understand I used to be like this too, but I have to ask why are you so worried about being in a relationship?

Don’t Rush

Don’t rush getting into a relationship! For you should enjoy your season of singleness. For if you rush you will most likely run into a partner that God knows is not best fit for you and major consequences come from rushing into a relationship. You and your partner will probably realize that you’re not really compatible and cause major hurt on both sides. Also probably during the time when you wasn’t single God probably needed you to be single. Just think about all the things that would be easier for you to do while you where single than in a relationship.

  1. Going on year long mission trips
  2. Going to pray for someone late at night, especially if they’re the opposite sex

These are just a couple of things that I believe would be EASIER to do while single for I am not saying that you cannot do these things if you are in a relationship. You could probably think of more than what I mentioned. ¬†Also during your season of singleness you should take advantage of the free time that you do have on bettering yourself and growing closer to God. Allowing God to prepare you for when you do actually meet the one. So yeah this is just another shorter blog post than usual I hope this was helpful for you. If it was comment down below saying that it did if it wasn’t also comment down below saying why it wasn’t helpful I would like to hear my readers opinion on what I write about. Till next time God Bless!!

2 thoughts on “Christians Enjoy Your Season of Singleness!”

    1. I completely agree. You should not rush into a relationship. Rushing into one may come with many consequences, such as arguments, opposite likes and dislikes, and just an all around dysfunctional relationship.

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