Objective Truth

What I Learned About Objective Truth

Recently I just came back from a conference that talked about Christianity and Justice and how they’re both intertwined into one another. Before the conference me and a couple of other students that I went to the conference with had to read a book by C. S. Lewis called Abolition of Man. For this blog this is what I want to focus on is the argument C. S. Lewis makes in his book, and if you are curious about what I learned at the conference I talk more about that on my YouTube channel and my podcast check them out and subscribe to both not to miss out on any content I put out throughout the week.

So C. S. Lewis in his book Abolition of Man what he basically argues for is that there is objective truth and that objective truth is sent to us from something other than ourselves. What prompts Lewis to make this argument is that he received a book from two english professors that wanted Lewis to read the book and give feedback. Lewis definitely had some feedback to give to those two professors. When Lewis read through the book he realized that this book which is suppose to be a book about english was far from teaching any english at all he realize that this book was basically a book about subjectivism and the authors thought they where writing about english. When Lewis realized this he began to give the three lectures arguing about subjectivism which we now have in the book Abolition of Man. Before I continue with Lewis’ argument let me define the words subjective and objective.

Subjective: influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

Objective: not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

In the book Lewis received from the two professors they basically wrote without realizing that everything is subjective and nothing is objective in this world. Lewis combats that with saying that just by them writing this book means that even the writers have an objective value which is the value that they believe everything is subjective. Lewis in his book claims that everyone has an objective values if they notice it consciously or not. Let me asks a couple of questions if you don’t believe Lewis’ claim.

Is it right to kill a completely innocent person for no reason at all?

If an innocent person is drowning and you have the ability to save their lives is it okay to walk away?

Is it right to take someone else’s place on the bus for no reason at all?

For these questions you the reader probably automatically said no to all three of those questions. Why what made you automatically say no, even if you didn’t say no you did have something within you pulling you to say no to the questions. But why is that you may give the answer that you was taught this at a very young age not to kill anyone or not to take a spot that has already been taken, true but who taught the people that had taught you and who taught them you can continue going back and back and eventually end up with the first person that ever existed who taught that person why does this person have that instinct or feeling.  You might say to this that it’s basically human instinct not to do these things if that was the case why don’t we act on all our instincts we have as humans. For example what’s stopping men to just have sex with every woman they see insight that attracted them. What’s stopping people from acting on the urges they deeply feel throughout the day, something is stopping them and even you. You may feel two urges one to act and one to not act now here’s the question what’s that feeling that tells you to go for one and not the other. What’s that other thing that tells you to do the right thing even though you strongly want to go with your instinct to do the opposite? That thing is the objective value that has been ingrained in you and most of humanity.

If you’re curious about the argument about objectivism then definitely read these two books by Lewis which he basically clearly explains why its very real that we as human beings definitely have objective values if we believe it or not. Book 1 and Book 2

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