About Curious Christian

Cleve Brown aka “Curious Christian” is a college student who loves to discuss his thoughts and anything and everything on Christianity it could be from discussing someones testimony to answering a question like, “how does the Trinity in Christianity work?”

Cleve choose the name the “Curious Christian” because one night his curiosity got to him while he was laying in bed. Questions started flowing through his head about Christianity, he couldn’t sleep so he research one late night about his questions and came to answers. He realized that probably other people may have similar questions that he had about christianity so he decided to create a Youtube channel called the Curious Christian where he does webisodes addressing common questions on Christian topics such as money, relationships, and how to spread the word of God. He also use the channel to discuss anything related to Christianity too.

He also created a blog called “Curious Christian Thoughts” where he discuss similar topics on his Youtube channel but more in depth.

Cleve is a youth group leader on his campus who loves to discuss his faith and encourage people with the love of Christ.