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Knowledge Isn’t Enough for Believing!

Knowledge isn't enough

Knowledge Isn’t King!

Over the past weekend God reminded me of something. Even though I have been hearing this message over and over again I always seem to forget that “knowledge isn’t enough for believing”. Don’t get me wrong I do believe that you need to have knowledge of knowing why you believe for Peter says in 1 Peter 3:15 always be ready to give an answer/defense for your belief in Christ. But knowledge isn’t King if that was so then Jesus would of choose the scribes and pharisees to be his disciples instead of the fishermen and tax collectors.

Having the Knowledge Doesn’t mean I Believe

Having knowledge of something doesn’t necessary means that I believe in the knowledge I obtained.  Something outside that knowledge has to come into the mix in order for me to believe the knowledge that I obtained. For example in almost every history class in america, I hope; we learn about the civil rights movement. Now I obtained knowledge in my history class through the teacher’s lesson plan and text books about the civil rights movement, but something else has to come into play in order for me to believe that the civil rights movement actually happened. For example a testimony from somebody from it’s time, or a recording from that time period, or an actual video clip from that time period that depicted what happened during the civil rights movement.  Just something outside of the knowledge and rational of the text books we use to learn about it has to come into play in order for me to believe that the civil rights movement actually happened, (on the record I just want to say that I do believe the civil rights movement actually happened I just used it as an example).

God Needs to be in the Mix

In the case of Christianity that outside something is God, God is in the mix of our belief in him. God is that something outside our book knowledge that allows us to believe in him. When we as Christians share the good news with people we have to keep in mind that “knowledge isn’t enough”, it’s not enough to make that person believe in what you are saying just by giving them knowledge about Jesus Christ, an outside force has to come into play. So when we share the good news we have to invite God into the mix in the beginning of the conversation, middle, or end God has to be somewhere in that conversation. When sharing the gospel to a person who doesn’t know Jesus, just ask them at the beginning, middle, or end (depending on how the conversation goes you can decide when) if you can pray for them. They may give you a strange look, they may hesitate to say no, but if they don’t say no just do it. By doing this you are allowing God to be in the mix, by you doing this you are opening the door for God to show himself to that person so they could believe in him. Also if that person do say no just keep them in mind in your prayers and God will work through them.

What I learned about being a leader for Christ!


Photo Credit to Magnus Lindvall

Over the weekend of October 2nd to 4th I went to a conference called Journey. This conference usually has three tracks DOC (Disciples on Campus), MOC (Ministers on Campus), and ROC (Revisiting on Campus) I went to the MOC track. During that track we study a passage from Mark and the last letter Paul wrote to Timothy  and during the studying of the letter and the passage I learned two things about being a leader for Christ.

The Two Things I Learned

  • That we as leaders for Christ will endure suffering
  • That the way we view rest is not the way God wants us to rest

We will Endure Suffering 

When we declare that we will live for Christ  Paul makes it clear that we will suffer for he states it in 2 Timothy 3:12 it’s part of the job. Paul who was one of the major leaders of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ was sent to prison multiple times for being a Christian and even got executed for being one. Stephen a disciple chosen by the early church was persecuted and killed because of his faith in spreading the Gospel of Christ Acts 6-7. Jesus Christ suffered, got persecuted and got crucified for the sake of saving our souls which is the core of the Gospel. We are supposed to suffer and serve just like Jesus did Peter states in 1 Peter 2:21. So like I said before suffering is part of the job in todays world we as Christians may not go through the same suffering they went through back then. Well in some countries Christians still do go through the same suffering. But from a western point of view the suffering Christians may face today is being ridiculed, rejected, getting bad grades in some instances if you have a professor who doesn’t like the argument of creation, and even getting shot.  But we should not be turned off or ashamed of spreading the Gospel because of the suffering that comes with it, for Paul states in 2 Timothy that  we as believers do this for an higher purpose than ourselves. We serve so others could receive the salvation that we will retrieve 2 Timothy 2:10 for we suffer and die for Jesus Christ so that we can live and reign with him 2 Timothy 2:11-13.

We Need to See How God View Rest for us.

In the beginning of the conference we studied a passage from Mark which you can read by clicking the passage Mark 6:30-44. From this passage Jesus tells his disciples after they did many works that he was going to take them to a place of rest. But on the way to the place a crowd got to the spot before Jesus and his disciples got there. The disciples wanted rest so they told Jesus if they could send the people away but Jesus responded saying to feed the people.  From there Jesus multiplied the five loaves and two fishes to feed the five thousand including the disciples. What I believe most Christians missed from this story including myself until last weekend is that the disciples actually rested while serving people, because earlier in Mark it says in verse 31 that the disciples where working so hard that they didn’t even have time to eat but when Jesus fed the five thousand the disciples where a part of those who where fed. Also I would imagine when Jesus was feeding the five thousand that if there was teaching/speaking involved that Jesus was the person doing the teaching/speaking. The disciples wasn’t probably doing anything other than handing out bread and listening to Jesus. So when Jesus told the disciples that they was going to a place of rest, he probably already knew the crowd would be there and knew that the disciples needed a different kind of rest than what they where expecting. A resting that was happening while they where serving people. So how do you view rest? Is your views about rest different than Gods views of rest? Does God want a rest for you that involves you being around people or does your rest involve something completely different? We as Christian leaders could burn ourselves out, so I challenge you to choose a day to rest and rest the way God wants you to rest.

What is the Trinity in Christianity?

Thinking of Trinity

Photo Credit to Joshua Earle

What is the Trinity?

What is the Trinity? The Trinity is a concept in Christianity that explains God as unity of three distinct persons the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each persons is unique but also the same in essence.The Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit are all one God but they are not each other. Jesus is not the Father, the Father is not the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is not Jesus. If this is confusing it’s okay, because  we as humans can never fully understand the Trinity concept. This concept is a concept that is describing God which God is infinite and greater than us. So we should not expect to be able to have God all figured out. Now I’m not just going to stop the blog at that note because we Christians did come up with this concept of the Trinity which the bible does supports.

Biblical Supports

Explaining the verses

Genesis 1:26, 3:22, 11:7, Isaiah 6:8 all these verses has the plural pronoun “us” when referring to God. Which is not a direct explanation or argument for the Trinity, but it does open the door to us clarifying the plurality in God. 2 Corinthians 13:14 and Mathew 28:19 are just examples of where in the bible that it mentions all three unique persons in the Trinity.

Explaining the Trinity

So like I said before God is one in three persons. God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit, they are all distinct persons but they are one divinity. They are not each other God the Father is not God the Son, God the Son is not God the Holy Spirit and God the Holy Spirit is not God the Father. The diagram below should shed some light and clarity of what I’m trying to say if you’re still confused. Also you can click on the resources I used to be able to explain this because these sources explain this concept in much greater detail and depth.

The Trinity

If I don’t believe in Jesus Christ will I go to hell?


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  Will I be judge by God and go to hell if I don’t believe in Jesus Christ?

I think this is a common question people ask christians. I even believe at some point in a christian’s life they even think about this question. This question popped in my head a couple of times, which  was probably one of the reasons why I created this blog and my youtube channel.  Now this question could be flipped and ask in many different ways. I’m in this blog is only going to address the way the question had most commonly been asked to me.

The question

  • If a person who don’t believe in Jesus Christ but does good deeds in life will they go to hell?

The common misconceptions the questioner have when asking this question.

  1. That christians believe that we can avoid the punishment of hell by doing a set of good deeds and doing a set of good works.
  2. That God’s results of punishing a person to hell is ONLY because they didn’t believe in Jesus Christ.

My explanation and the answer to the question.

Christians do not believe that to be able to avoid hell we have to do a set of good works or good deeds. Christians believe that all humans deserve the punishment of hell including ourselves, because we all had sinned. We all did a crime big or small against God. Think about it like this lets say a person is being charged with a crime, but this person in his past did amazingly great things. He helped the poor, he saved peoples lives, and he did other great things that might label him as a “good person”. Is the judge going to let this person free from his recent crimes because of this person’s previous good behavior? No by the judge doing that, that would be doing injustice. God being the judge of this world and we being the people charged with the crimes. God is willing not give us this punishment but only by one condition and that condition is to believe and have faith in Jesus Christ and let him pay the price for all the crimes we committed. So to answer the question if this person who did all these good deeds does not take the offer God is handing to them to avoid punishment for their previous or recent crimes. They will be punished.

Also when I was doing my research on this question. I came upon a good video that had a great explanation of what I just said. Actually this video is where I actually got the metaphor of the criminal and the judge. If this post still have you confused on my answer then check out this video by clicking here.

Our Work is our Worship to God


Photo Credit to Olu Eletu

Work is Worship

Over the summer I was part of this new program InterVarsity created called MarketPlace. MarketPlace was a seven week program that employed me and 13 other people with a job in the marketplace and stationed us at a house in the bay area. Through the program we go to work in the day working our 9 to 5 jobs then in the afternoon we have a speaker discuss to us about how God is in the marketplace. The very first speaker that came to talk to us after our first work day told us that “our work is our worship to God”. This was a concept I never heard before I always thought work and worship was two separate things, actually I just thought work was just toil in general. After the speaker explained how work was worship it made complete sense.

What is the first thing you think about when someone says worship

  • People singing hymns?
  • Your worship leader or worship team at your church?
  • People yelling hallelujah?
  • It only happens when you’re in church?

Definition of Worship

 Worship-the act of showing respect and love for God. (Merriam-Webster, 1843)  They’re many ways to show respect and love for God than just through praying, singing, and dancing don’t get me wrong these are great ways to show love and respect for God and should happen but they’re many more ways of showing it. Also showing love and respect doesn’t just have to happen at the church building.

Ways of Showing Love and Respect for God

An artist painting a portrait of a forest displaying the great creation of nature God created, a poet creating rhymes and putting words together to make an impactful message about the need to help the poor in the streets which God supports in Proverbs 14:31, a surgeon performing surgery for a patient to prolong their life showing respect for life which God created. Think about it how did Adam worship God in the very beginning before the fall. We don’t see no scripture where Adam is praying to God, singing to God, or shouting Hallelujah to God, but we do see scripture in the bible that shows the reason why he was created in Genesis 2:5-7.  God wanted Adam to work the ground to take care of what he created, by Adam doing this he himself is showing love and respect for God. Adam was worshipping God through his work!!! I’m worshipping God right now by writing this blog. You are placed where you work at for a reason with the skills and abilities God to put into you. When you are using your skills and abilities in your work just as long as your work doesn’t go against God you are worshipping God.

3 Things a Relationship Should not be Build upon


Photo Credit to Scott Webb

What a relationship should not be build upon

  1. “Hiding behind that person”
  2. Sex
  3. Boredom

 Hiding behind that person

Now what do I mean when I say that you’re relationship is just built on “you hiding behind that person” what I mean by this is that you are only going out with this person just because they boost your ego. The problem with a relationship that is built on this is that you let your significant other be your world. You believe that you are every single little thing your significant other says you are, and this is basically setting your relationship up for failure. The consequences I see with this is that you are going to go out your way to make your significant other happy so they could always see you in a positive light. Examples of what I mean people would probably dye their hair, move cities or colleges, change majors, and do other things that person probably doesn’t want to do just to make their significant other happy basically making them their idol. Two things will happen from this one you are probably going to come to the realization of this and hate yourself because your doing nothing that you wanted to do, or two your significant other breaks up with you and you realize that you are nothing without that person. If you are the first person and are trying to find yourself again pray and let God lead you to the person he created you to be, and if you are the second person you are great in God’s eyes you are not nothing you are a great creation ready to bring greatness into the world. Pray let God open up that thing ready to spark from inside of you.


Why do I say that a relationship built upon sex is not a good idea. The reason why I say this is because when you have sex with someone you’re building a physical and emotional bond with this person, you are basically saying that you love this person and you wont leave them. The problem with this is that sex in a dating relationship blinds all the possible inconsistencies in that relationship. When one of the partners in that relationship receives sight and realizes that they’re with a partner that is not right for them it becomes extremely hard for that person to break the relationship off. So that person always would procrastinate doing it because of the hurt that it would cause, but the more and more that person holds their thoughts in the more and more that person becomes unhappy. When the time finally comes when that person says they want to break up it brings major hurt to both parties because of their physical and emotional bond they created within that relationship. This brings up a story of a friend who was in a relationship like this, they told me how they tried to end their relationship. Every time they tried to end it the other person would always look like they would faint or throw up because of the emotional impact of the words. That is why God’s intent for sex is in marriage because sex is suppose to be the glue, the final act, a covenant that represents you saying to this person that I am for certain that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Sex is not meant for dating because you’re still unsure you will be with this person for the rest of your life.


A relationship should not be built on boredom because you shouldn’t just go out with a person just because you’re bored. The consequences with this is that you’re eventually going to become bored with your partner and break up causing major hurt and move on to the next relationship not really thinking about it. This is not the intent for dating, the intent is for you to get to know someone and possibly consider if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person or not.

What should a relationship be built upon

I was sitting with a friend one day and he was talking about how he and his girlfriend just got through talking to an older church member about how to maintain their relationship. What I remember from the conversation is that he and his girlfriend decided to build their relationship upon God, forgiveness and love. When I heard this I remember thinking that sounds perfect a relationship should be built upon God, forgiveness and love.