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What I learned about being a leader for Christ!


Photo Credit to Magnus Lindvall

Over the weekend of October 2nd to 4th I went to a conference called Journey. This conference usually has three tracks DOC (Disciples on Campus), MOC (Ministers on Campus), and ROC (Revisiting on Campus) I went to the MOC track. During that track we study a passage from Mark and the last letter Paul wrote to Timothy  and during the studying of the letter and the passage I learned two things about being a leader for Christ.

The Two Things I Learned

  • That we as leaders for Christ will endure suffering
  • That the way we view rest is not the way God wants us to rest

We will Endure Suffering 

When we declare that we will live for Christ  Paul makes it clear that we will suffer for he states it in 2 Timothy 3:12 it’s part of the job. Paul who was one of the major leaders of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ was sent to prison multiple times for being a Christian and even got executed for being one. Stephen a disciple chosen by the early church was persecuted and killed because of his faith in spreading the Gospel of Christ Acts 6-7. Jesus Christ suffered, got persecuted and got crucified for the sake of saving our souls which is the core of the Gospel. We are supposed to suffer and serve just like Jesus did Peter states in 1 Peter 2:21. So like I said before suffering is part of the job in todays world we as Christians may not go through the same suffering they went through back then. Well in some countries Christians still do go through the same suffering. But from a western point of view the suffering Christians may face today is being ridiculed, rejected, getting bad grades in some instances if you have a professor who doesn’t like the argument of creation, and even getting shot.  But we should not be turned off or ashamed of spreading the Gospel because of the suffering that comes with it, for Paul states in 2 Timothy that  we as believers do this for an higher purpose than ourselves. We serve so others could receive the salvation that we will retrieve 2 Timothy 2:10 for we suffer and die for Jesus Christ so that we can live and reign with him 2 Timothy 2:11-13.

We Need to See How God View Rest for us.

In the beginning of the conference we studied a passage from Mark which you can read by clicking the passage Mark 6:30-44. From this passage Jesus tells his disciples after they did many works that he was going to take them to a place of rest. But on the way to the place a crowd got to the spot before Jesus and his disciples got there. The disciples wanted rest so they told Jesus if they could send the people away but Jesus responded saying to feed the people.  From there Jesus multiplied the five loaves and two fishes to feed the five thousand including the disciples. What I believe most Christians missed from this story including myself until last weekend is that the disciples actually rested while serving people, because earlier in Mark it says in verse 31 that the disciples where working so hard that they didn’t even have time to eat but when Jesus fed the five thousand the disciples where a part of those who where fed. Also I would imagine when Jesus was feeding the five thousand that if there was teaching/speaking involved that Jesus was the person doing the teaching/speaking. The disciples wasn’t probably doing anything other than handing out bread and listening to Jesus. So when Jesus told the disciples that they was going to a place of rest, he probably already knew the crowd would be there and knew that the disciples needed a different kind of rest than what they where expecting. A resting that was happening while they where serving people. So how do you view rest? Is your views about rest different than Gods views of rest? Does God want a rest for you that involves you being around people or does your rest involve something completely different? We as Christian leaders could burn ourselves out, so I challenge you to choose a day to rest and rest the way God wants you to rest.