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Christians Enjoy Your Season of Singleness!


Photograph by: Chris Sardegna

The Blog Post I’m writing about today is just an expansion on a video I did on my Youtube channel, if you would like to view it before reading this blog post you can watch it here.

To all the Christians singles out there I understand your struggle. If you are a Christian youth who is probably asking yourself, “Why am I still single?” “Should I have a partner already?” If you are a Christian youth who at every moment ask yourself when will you meet your partner and also think “Are they the one?” at every moment when you meet a person of the opposite sex. I understand I used to be like this too, but I have to ask why are you so worried about being in a relationship?

Don’t Rush

Don’t rush getting into a relationship! For you should enjoy your season of singleness. For if you rush you will most likely run into a partner that God knows is not best fit for you and major consequences come from rushing into a relationship. You and your partner will probably realize that you’re not really compatible and cause major hurt on both sides. Also probably during the time when you wasn’t single God probably needed you to be single. Just think about all the things that would be easier for you to do while you where single than in a relationship.

  1. Going on year long mission trips
  2. Going to pray for someone late at night, especially if they’re the opposite sex

These are just a couple of things that I believe would be EASIER to do while single for I am not saying that you cannot do these things if you are in a relationship. You could probably think of more than what I mentioned.  Also during your season of singleness you should take advantage of the free time that you do have on bettering yourself and growing closer to God. Allowing God to prepare you for when you do actually meet the one. So yeah this is just another shorter blog post than usual I hope this was helpful for you. If it was comment down below saying that it did if it wasn’t also comment down below saying why it wasn’t helpful I would like to hear my readers opinion on what I write about. Till next time God Bless!!

Jesus Wants an Intimate Relationship with Us


Photo credit to Reymark Franke

In my hour car ride to a city I was listening to this podcast from Fresh Life Church.  The speaker that was on the podcast was Jefferson Bethke if you don’t know him he’s a famous Youtuber, poet, and author. Before I continue I just have to mention he’s an author of a great book called “It’s Not What You Think” I will write a blog response to it pretty soon so be looking out for that post, but I really recommend this book for my readers that need a good book to read you will definitely get something from it. Now let me continue Jefferson Bethke spoke on “What Does God require of us?” I don’t type every point he mentions in his sermon so if you would like to listen to the whole thing after you read this blog go ahead and click the link here.

His Sermon

When Bethke started his sermon he started to talk about the garden of eden and how God wanted Adam and Eve to go to God for all their needs and not themselves.  Adam and Eve didn’t have the knowledge of good and evil but God did so they needed to fully depend on him to be able to know good and evil. He continued saying God wanted them to fully depend on him, he wanted to have an intimate relationship with them. But they broke the intimate relationship by depending on themselves by eating the forbidden fruit. Bethke continues saying how God kicked them out east of eden for breaking the intimacy, from there he says that cain got kicked out east from eden and continues saying Lot got kicked out east and continues with all these examples in Genesis that the author is trying to tell us something making east represent these people leaving the intimacy of God. Then Abram in Genesis the Father of Faith because he is claimed to be the first one who had faith in God, Abram gets called west and he says another example when the temple was built the doors where instructed to face east so when you walk into the temple you are walking into it from the west. The author using west to represent returning back to the intimacy of God. Bethke then goes on and continues talking about the first five books in the bible which is called the Torah which is literally translated to either rules or instructions. From this he continues by giving an example of his childhood explaining how his mother gave him a skittle every time he used the toilet encouraging him to use it; until he eventually realizes the purpose of using the toilet and go do it without no encouragement. He gives a funny thought, he says if he went back home and his mom would of told him the exact thing he told him if he was younger, “hey little Jeffy if you go to the bathroom I will give you a skittle!” that would be weird. He continues by asking what is different she said the exact same thing right now that she said back then but we obviously know that teaching technique is not suppose to stay but to lead into a deeper understanding. He  connects his story to God, God gave us the Torah full of instructions and commands and if we followed them he will bless us and if we did not he will curse us. God was doing the exact same thing with the Torah that Bethke’s mom was doing to him with the skittles. He used the Torah as a tool to call us into more intimacy with him until we finally get it and get out of the Torah and make intimacy with God a way of life. Bethke then goes on and say that the Torah was just a shadow into what God is calling us deeper into and that is being deeper into himself (Jesus). He continues saying more about being deeper into God, but you can hear the rest of it above where I linked the podcast. His overall sermon is that God wants us, is calling us to have a deeper intimate relationship with him.

3 Things a Relationship Should not be Build upon


Photo Credit to Scott Webb

What a relationship should not be build upon

  1. “Hiding behind that person”
  2. Sex
  3. Boredom

 Hiding behind that person

Now what do I mean when I say that you’re relationship is just built on “you hiding behind that person” what I mean by this is that you are only going out with this person just because they boost your ego. The problem with a relationship that is built on this is that you let your significant other be your world. You believe that you are every single little thing your significant other says you are, and this is basically setting your relationship up for failure. The consequences I see with this is that you are going to go out your way to make your significant other happy so they could always see you in a positive light. Examples of what I mean people would probably dye their hair, move cities or colleges, change majors, and do other things that person probably doesn’t want to do just to make their significant other happy basically making them their idol. Two things will happen from this one you are probably going to come to the realization of this and hate yourself because your doing nothing that you wanted to do, or two your significant other breaks up with you and you realize that you are nothing without that person. If you are the first person and are trying to find yourself again pray and let God lead you to the person he created you to be, and if you are the second person you are great in God’s eyes you are not nothing you are a great creation ready to bring greatness into the world. Pray let God open up that thing ready to spark from inside of you.


Why do I say that a relationship built upon sex is not a good idea. The reason why I say this is because when you have sex with someone you’re building a physical and emotional bond with this person, you are basically saying that you love this person and you wont leave them. The problem with this is that sex in a dating relationship blinds all the possible inconsistencies in that relationship. When one of the partners in that relationship receives sight and realizes that they’re with a partner that is not right for them it becomes extremely hard for that person to break the relationship off. So that person always would procrastinate doing it because of the hurt that it would cause, but the more and more that person holds their thoughts in the more and more that person becomes unhappy. When the time finally comes when that person says they want to break up it brings major hurt to both parties because of their physical and emotional bond they created within that relationship. This brings up a story of a friend who was in a relationship like this, they told me how they tried to end their relationship. Every time they tried to end it the other person would always look like they would faint or throw up because of the emotional impact of the words. That is why God’s intent for sex is in marriage because sex is suppose to be the glue, the final act, a covenant that represents you saying to this person that I am for certain that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Sex is not meant for dating because you’re still unsure you will be with this person for the rest of your life.


A relationship should not be built on boredom because you shouldn’t just go out with a person just because you’re bored. The consequences with this is that you’re eventually going to become bored with your partner and break up causing major hurt and move on to the next relationship not really thinking about it. This is not the intent for dating, the intent is for you to get to know someone and possibly consider if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person or not.

What should a relationship be built upon

I was sitting with a friend one day and he was talking about how he and his girlfriend just got through talking to an older church member about how to maintain their relationship. What I remember from the conversation is that he and his girlfriend decided to build their relationship upon God, forgiveness and love. When I heard this I remember thinking that sounds perfect a relationship should be built upon God, forgiveness and love.