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Our Work is our Worship to God


Photo Credit to Olu Eletu

Work is Worship

Over the summer I was part of this new program InterVarsity created called MarketPlace. MarketPlace was a seven week program that employed me and 13 other people with a job in the marketplace and stationed us at a house in the bay area. Through the program we go to work in the day working our 9 to 5 jobs then in the afternoon we have a speaker discuss to us about how God is in the marketplace. The very first speaker that came to talk to us after our first work day told us that “our work is our worship to God”. This was a concept I never heard before I always thought work and worship was two separate things, actually I just thought work was just toil in general. After the speaker explained how work was worship it made complete sense.

What is the first thing you think about when someone says worship

  • People singing hymns?
  • Your worship leader or worship team at your church?
  • People yelling hallelujah?
  • It only happens when you’re in church?

Definition of Worship

 Worship-the act of showing respect and love for God. (Merriam-Webster, 1843)  They’re many ways to show respect and love for God than just through praying, singing, and dancing don’t get me wrong these are great ways to show love and respect for God and should happen but they’re many more ways of showing it. Also showing love and respect doesn’t just have to happen at the church building.

Ways of Showing Love and Respect for God

An artist painting a portrait of a forest displaying the great creation of nature God created, a poet creating rhymes and putting words together to make an impactful message about the need to help the poor in the streets which God supports in Proverbs 14:31, a surgeon performing surgery for a patient to prolong their life showing respect for life which God created. Think about it how did Adam worship God in the very beginning before the fall. We don’t see no scripture where Adam is praying to God, singing to God, or shouting Hallelujah to God, but we do see scripture in the bible that shows the reason why he was created in Genesis 2:5-7.  God wanted Adam to work the ground to take care of what he created, by Adam doing this he himself is showing love and respect for God. Adam was worshipping God through his work!!! I’m worshipping God right now by writing this blog. You are placed where you work at for a reason with the skills and abilities God to put into you. When you are using your skills and abilities in your work just as long as your work doesn’t go against God you are worshipping God.